A-Assistans employees are offered the following benefits:

Collective agreement

Our employers’ organisation is called KFO (The Co-operative Employers’ Association) and we follow the collective agreement between KFO and the Municipality. As our employee, you are covered by a number of insurance contracts such as compensation for accidents, retirement, workers’ compensation for occupational injury as well as group life insurance.

Health and Wellness Allowance

Full-time employees are entitled to up to 2000 kronor per year in Health and Wellness allowance.

Coffee breaks (with a light snack) & Staff Party

Our employees get free coffee breaks during the work day. In addition, they are treated to two staff parties annually.

Laser eye surgery

Full time employees are provided the opportunity for gross salary deductions for laser eye surgery.


Memira (the whole country)
Ting med Tanke (Hudiksvall)
Träningsvarvet (Hudiksvall)