Become a client

Become a client

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A-Assistans is a privately owned company which has been providing personal assistance since 1994. Everyone is welcomed to us, adults as well as children, regardless of disability. For us, you the customer are our main priority. No one knows better than you how you want to live your life. Our goal is that with our assistance, you will be able to live your life as independently as possible.

With us you get:

  • to determine how your assistance should be performed
  • influence, transparency and control over your assistance
  • to choose your own assistants
  • quality assistance according to the intentions of LSS (Law of Support and Service)
  • administrative assistance
  • legal advice when needed
  • a contact person for any questions you may have
  • quick decisions and a high level of availability
  • dedicated personal assistants with good working conditions
  • a reputable and knowledgeable assistance provider with extensive experience
  • a values-driven company with the focus on quality

A reliable partner

We always plan your personal assistance according to the intentions of LSS which states that you who have the right to personal assistance should be able to live as independently as possible based on your age. As our client, you can feel confident that we comply with the laws, rules and regulations which govern our type of business. We are a values-driven company which means that we prioritise the work we do and the wellbeing of our clients over financial gains.

We are members of the trade organisation Assistansanordnarna (Assistance Providers). Naturally we have a permit from IVO (Health and Social Care Inspectorate).

Welcome to A-Assistans!


Mira Jonsson, CEO

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