Vision, Values and Business Concept

Vision, Values and Business Concept


Our employees make us better.

Business Concept

With the right skills, confidence-building approach and with respect for our clients’ unique needs and preferences, we offer personal assistance nationwide, to those eligible to it.

Basic Values

Respect—We begin from the premise of the equal value of every person

  • We always conduct ourselves respectful towards our fellow human beings
  • We respect and follow decisions, while at the same time welcome new ideas and suggestions
  • We treat people the same irrespective of their circumstances

Competence—We invest in the right skills in the right place

  • We focus on the big picture
  • We evaluate continuously
  • We begin from the individual

Quality—We do our utmost in all situations 

  • We work solution-oriented and flexible
  • We always do our best based on the prevailing circumstances
  • We work continuously with improvements


Mira Jonsson, CEO

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