History of A-Assistans

History of A-Assistans

Illustration på Leif Jonsson i rullstol

The year is 1963. There, in a house in the suburbs of Hudiksvall some eight year old boys are playing. Suddenly, that which never should happen, happened. One of the boys begins to play with a loaded gun. A shot rings out and a bullet manages to hit one of the boys in his back. This story could have ended here, but it doesn’t.

The boy’s name is Leif Jonsson and he had been seriously injured. After a year in the hospital in Uppsala, Leif gets to return home to Hudiksvall. The bullet had damaged a vertebra in his spine which led to Leif being confined to a wheelchair for the majority of the time. After a number of years and intensive training, he could begin walking with the help of crutches. Leif is able to finish high school and college in Hudiksvall and eventually he moved into his own apartment at the age of 19.

Leif started working directly after graduating. His first job was at SSU where he remained for several years. In 1976 he bought a kiosk which he owned and operated for close to twenty years. At the same time Leif started an accounting firm where he helped customers with their tax returns. He had, at the most, two employees in his company. In 1987 he began studying economics and a few years later got his degree.

In 1994, a law was passed - (1993:387) the Act for Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS). It was a law which in many ways improved the lives of persons living with severe disabilities. That same year, Leif’s accounting firm received its first assignment to seek out personal assistance for a customer. The number of orders he received in the field of personal assistance grew successively in the following years. During these years, Leif was involved with DHR (Organisation for people with impaired mobility) so he was already at that time fully versed in all issues relating to disability and assistance grants. Since LSS was a relatively new law, it was not always clear how it should be applied. Leif took care of many matters relating to the municipalities as well as the Social Insurance Agency for his clients and realised that the need for counselling and assistance was great. By the year 2000 Leif had close to 20 customers and the situation was becoming untenable. The idea was then born to start a company which focused solely on providing personal assistance.

By the year 2002, the time was ripe for Leif to transform his accounting firm into the limited liability company A-Assistans. Today, the company has clients nationwide and over 500 employees.


Mira Jonsson, CEO

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