Company facts

Company facts

Basic facts

The following applies to A-Assistans (2015):

  • There are 85 clients who have chosen to do business with us.
  • Our company is values-driven and places focus on quality determined by our customers.
  • Our objective is to deliver services within the field of personal assistance according to the intentions of LSS, to persons throughout Sweden who are eligible to it.
  • Our goal is that our customers would be able to live their lives as independently as possible based on their age.
  • There is a total of 500 employees in our company, of which 8 are managerial.
  • Our company is made up of personal assistants, assistance consultants and administrative staff.
  • There is a total of 13 office workers both at our head office in Hudiksvall and at our branch office in Karlstad. Six of these have direct customer and personnel responsibilities (assistance consultants), two persons are HR assistants and operate to provide support to the assistance consultants, two persons are responsible for financial accounting, and two and a half are responsible for payroll and other administrative duties.
  • At our head office there are staff members who speak not only Swedish but also English, Finnish, and Bulgarian. If necessary, we arrange to get interpreters.
  • Collective agreements are handled through KFO (The Co-operative Employers' Association).


To ensure that we deliver the right quality in our business, we conduct annual client follow-ups where we, together with our clients go through the implemented plans in order to see how well we have fulfilled their needs and wishes.

We have a quality management system which meets the requirements of the National Board of Health and Welfare. This means, among other things that we have written procedures, checklists and action plans to be able to deal with possible critical moments which can arise.

We strive for continuous improvements and developments by regularly evaluating and revising the quality management system.

Customer Surveys

In our industry a variety of national customer surveys are carried out annually. Every other year, we at A-Assistans conduct our own customer survey to ensure that we meet the expectations of our clients and identify areas for improvement.


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Mira Jonsson, CEO

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